The Professional Auto Spa in Penfield, NY serves Residential customers. We specialize in complete interior and exterior detailing. Our services will help uphold the resale value of your vehicle, improve the gloss of your vehicles paint, prevent rust and oxidation, and protect your vehicle from acid rain and UV rays. We keep your car looking and smelling like new (everyone loves to drive a new car). A clean car is a happy car!

Services List

Complete Exterior detailing
Complete Interior detailing
Buffing and compounding
Engine compartment detailing and degreasing
Clay bar paint finish
Pick up and delivery services
All of above listed services also performed on Boats, RV's, Aircraft, trailers, motorcycle, ETC.

Snowplowing (click for a copy of our proposal)

Services Explained in Depth

Full interior includes the following -
•  Vacuum inside including compartments, seats, and under seats

•  Vacuum trunk

•  Upholstery shampooed, steamed and spot treated

•  Dashboard, center console area and door panels soaked, scrubbed, brushed out and wiped down.

•  Door sills scrubbed and wiped down

•  Glass and mirrors cleaned and treated with rain-x

•  Leather seats cleaned and conditioned

•  Inside re-vacuumed

*Complimentary deodorizer*

Full Exterior includes -
•  Soft hand wash and dry

•  Door and trunk jambs washed

•  Wheels, wheel wells, and tires deep cleaned and washed

•  Tar and bugs removed

•  Wax applied to paint finish

•  Glass and mirrors treated with rain-x

•  Tire gloss applied

*Complimentary spot hand compounding*

 Clay Bar paint finish explained -
The environment your vehicle is exposed to everyday is very harsh on its exterior. Unless your vehicle is washed and hand waxed very regularly, the natural environment will take its toll and be seen on your vehicles paint finish. Without regular washing, harmful particles such as deposits from rain drops, tree droppings, bird droppings, road grime, metal shavings, and paint overspray will settle and adhere to your vehicle's finish which will lead to a very rough, or unsmooth texture. At the same time, this will reduce shine and accelerate the deterioration process of the paint/clearcoat finish on your vehicle. You can wash as much as you want, but soap and water will never be enough to remove these. The claybar treatment will safely remove all of these contaminates. What the clay removes is usually so small the naked eye will not even see it. Rubbing the vehicles painted surfaces with lubricated clay brings the finish down to the ultimate, freshly painted, raw smoothness you vehicle once was before it was exposed to the real world.

Engine bay detailing and degreasing includes the following -
• Underneath side of hood washed

• Engine compartment soaked with degreaser (if necessary)

• Engine compartment washed, including all hoses, lines, tubes and components

**Special precautionary measures taken towards crucial parts/components of you engine**

Buffing/compounding includes the following -
• Multi Stage machine buff vehicle exterior

*Depending on previous care taken to vehicle's paint finish, and intensity of swirling and scratching, up to 3 levels of polishing will be performed.

 Pick-up and delivery services explained -
Your vehicle gets picked up from your home or work, is then taken directly to The Professional Auto Spa, has its desired services performed on it, and is delivered after completion to SAME LOCATION as it was picked up from. Special arrangements at an extra cost must be made to have your vehicle delivered to an alternate location that it was picked up from.